My path to be a developer

this is my road-map to be a developer


When I started college decades ago, computer was a scarce product for most of us. But in our dormitory, there were still some roommates who have one. I was very good at all the study works, and my roommates often ask me to help them for their study, in exchange, I played with their computers. Most of the time, playing games, reading news.

At that time, I’ve read lots of books about business, finance, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. One day, an idea came to my mind: why not build a website about venture capital.

So I find a small ISP in my city, registered the domain, after that, I used a PHP website template to finished the website. At that time, google app engine was just launched, and I’ve tried my domain with google app engine free tier. With the overload of study, I don’t have time to focus on this, so after one year, the domain expired, and I never renewed the domain.

Recently, I’ve once checked that domain, it had already been taken by someone else.

workload automation

When I started one job as an accountant, I’ve found that there were so many repetitive tasks. For example, when to enter the interest cost for a loan, you need to enter the same task, maybe 20 times, maybe 30 times, after using excel, the tasks can be a little less, but still a lot.

After working several month with excel, access, I’ve found that excel’s functions, and macros are good choice for automates some routine tasks. So I decided to start learning excel functions and macros.

As the learning progress, I’ve found lots of new learning materials, with all the materials available, I did not know what to choose first. After lots of trying, I found that I need a systematic learning of programming. I’ve found freecodecamp, and it’s the first version I’d began, I’ve finished most of the JavaScript Algorithm and Data Structures lessons at this time.

As it needed lot of data analysis with my work, I started to learn Python for data analysis. I started with python docs, after finishing the python doc Tutorial, I’ve also finished several certification courses on kaggle.

And another repetitive task annoying me a lot, we have several enterprise resource management systems, one for HR and payroll, one for time-tracking with inventory, and there is another one for benefit management. So one employee got hired in HR system, I still need to copy and paste the same information to time-tracking system and benefit management manually.

With attempt to automate this task, I’ve finished almost all the new lessons of freecodecamp, which include:

  • Responsive Web Design Certification
  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification
  • Front End Libraries Certification
  • Data Visualization Certification
  • APIs and Microservices Certification

I’ve only finished two small projects in these curriculum. And I began to systematically learn back-end programming, so I’ve finished the official django tutorial and another tutorial from mozilla developer network.